About us

Library and digital support work right across the University. We support teaching, learning and research; providing services to students, academic and professional staff.

Our focus is on enabling the transformation of information into knowledge, and we do that through providing access to information resources, developing and delivering services, managing learning spaces, and facilitating the development of information and digital literacy.

The Charles Seale-Hayne Library is open 24/7, term time, and provides access to approximately 350,000 books, 500,000 eBooks, 80,000 current journal titles, and a variety of different study environments

The Plymouth Allied Health Centre (PAHC) Library is open 9.00-17.00, Monday-Friday, Term time and provides access to subject specific books and a range of study environments.

Library Visitors

Members of the public, over the age of 18, may use the library for reference purposes provided they have a valid visitor card. The visitor card, which must be applied for in advance, allows for 5 visits per annum.

The library is open to visitor card holders between 08:00 and 20:00 (with the exception of temporary opening hours) with no access during April/May due to the exam period.

Please see our Self-Help article for further details, application form and Visitor Privacy notice.

If you would like to borrow books, you need to register as an associate member, for which a fee is payable.

Library Associate membership

  • Members of the public, aged 18 and over, can apply for Library Associate membership.
  • Annual membership is £60. You can borrow six books for six weeks.
  • Please complete the Library Associate Membership application form and enclose a letter stating why you wish to use the Library and which resources you would like to use.
  • Alumni – graduates of University of Plymouth automatically become part of the alumni community and are entitled to 50 per cent discount on annual membership.

Student Support Reference Card

If you are employed to provide study support to University of Plymouth students registered with Disability Services, you can apply for a reference card for ease of access to the library via the internal barriers. A reference card allows you to use the library for study and to refer to print materials. Borrowing is not included. Further details available on the application form

Please see our Self-Help article for the application form.

SCONUL Access Scheme

If you are a member of staff, postgraduate, part-time, distance learning or placement from a Higher Education institution participating in the SCONUL Access Scheme you can apply for our Library Associate membership.  

Please ask at your home institution for further information.

Membership lasts for a maximum of three years from the date of your application unless your course or contract ends earlier. If you are still eligible you can reapply for membership.

SCONUL Access also provides Reference Only access for most full-time undergraduate students.

Please allow three working days for your Library card to be processed.