Plymouth Connect

Plymouth Connect is an exciting online platform, connecting you with Plymouth alumni around the world to:

  • connect with University of Plymouth Alumni 
  • acquire top tips from an experienced professional
  • gain an insight into your preferred industry or career
  • build your professional network
  • get help in recognising your own abilities and areas for development
  • gain practical advice on job search techniques and skills
  • develop and improve your employability skills.

Our alumni have years of experience in an array of professions and sectors, and they want to draw on their knowledge to help you!

Career Network on Plymouth Connect

Gain insight from former Head of Careers and Employability, Shirley Walker, current students and alumni as they talk through the benefits of the Career Network.

Student perspective - David Friedman, International Relations with Politics, year 2

‘Plymouth Connect is a great way for students like myself to connect with those who have already graduated, and are currently in the workplace. Todays employability market is all about networking and connections, this is an easy to use interface that does half the job for you, all you have to do is sign up.

It’s great for asking those who have already been through the process of finding a job, what the current marketplace is like, and what employers are looking for. I would highly encourage students, even if they know what they want to do, to sign up for Plymouth Connect and start networking with people already in the industry of their choice.’

What is a Graduate Adviser?

A Graduate Adviser is a Plymouth graduate who is happy to give a little time to help a student or a recent graduate by sharing their professional experiences and expertise online. The relationship between a Graduate Adviser and a current student is very much focussed on the students’ professional and personal development. 

You can ask a Graduate Adviser a specific question about their role or company, request that they review your CV, ‘sign-post’ you to relevant resources or contacts or simply share their career experiences.

Tania Xin Tang, BSc (Hons) Environmental Science and MSc Environmental Consultancy graduate

“My experience at Plymouth was fulfilling and full of amazing challenges and opportunities. I hope that sharing my experience will contribute to students achieving their vision”.

Hong Kong based environmental engineer and consultant Tania tells us about her career and how environmental scientists can strive to make a change. Read Tania's profile.

Bartolome Bauza – BSc (Hons) Maritime Business and Logistics graduate

Since graduating, Bartolome Bauza has been employed by the Danish shipping company DFDS on a two year trainee programme.

"Plymouth was a very comfortable and student-friendly university that gave me every opportunity to develop. Although I still have many new skills and experiences to learn, Plymouth set the foundation for this development. It was always very useful to know that you had your lecturers to ask for advice or some kind of support. They were always very approachable and supportive."

Bartolome Bauza - BSc (Hons) Maritime Business and Logistics graduate

‘I guess that the reason I became a Career Champion is because when I was a student I was very eager to hear the thoughts of the alumni and their experiences. It is a scary step to take in life and the more support we give, the more prepared the students will be. This will lead to better decisions and career choices.’

Since graduating in 2015, Bartolome Bauza has been employed by the Danish shipping company DFDS on a two year trainee programme. Read Bartolome's profile. 

Owen Wallis - BSc (Hons) Media Lab Arts graduate

"I became a career champion so that I could offer students support and guidance on how they could not only further their careers, but how best to get into a career to start with."

Owen Wallis is now the Product Lead at having worked in Sydney and London for an advertising agency and a website production company. Read Owen's profile.

Harry Perrin - Graduate Diploma in Law graduate

"I am proud to be a Career Champion for students at Plymouth University. When I studied for my Graduate Diploma in Law at Plymouth, I found the university had excellent links to the profession and I am pleased to have the chance to be a part of that relationship now I am working as a solicitor. My favourite aspect of speaking to students from Plymouth is when they ask bold, confident and frank questions about legal career options. It can open up dialogues which help us both -- students and solicitors -- to keep reappraising the profession and challenging received wisdom, which ultimately will keep the legal sector fresh and relevant."

Read Harry's profile.

Xavier Roux - BSc (Hons) Computer Systems and Networks graduate

"I decided to be available as a career champion in order to show current students an example of life after university.

When I was a student at Plymouth University, I had a few exchanges with people at work, but in general life after university was looking like another world.

This site is a good opportunity for students to start building connections with professionals, having in common to started up from the same university."

Read Xavier's profile