Cognition Institute

Welcome from the Director

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the University's Cognition Institute web pages. 

The Cognition Institute is an innovative interdisciplinary research environment which brings together researchers working on the understanding of human cognition, together with the application of findings to the development of innovations which improve people's lives, interactions with one another, and with the world.

The institute facilitates the collaborative interaction of more than 100 investigators whose expertise ranges across cognitive psychology, neural sciences, medicine, social sciences, human factors, biology, robotics, music, literature, film, and computational neuroscience.

Our work centres around six core research themes, of which you can see more below. Individual projects within the themes use state-of-the-art techniques often involving partners from academia, industry, and charitable organisations from around the world. 

The Cognition Institute is home to many large and prestigious projects, including the multi-million-euro Marie Curie funded CogNovo doctoral training programme, supported by the University to promote the development of future leaders in Cognitive Innovation research. 

The Cognition Institute is characterised by a friendly, inclusive and collaborative environment, in which researchers with a passion for exploring exciting and challenging questions are able to cooperate to achieve a greater understanding of human cognition and the implications of that understanding for people's lives.

Judy Edworthy, FAcSS 
Director of the Cognition Institute

With seven cutting-edge human research laboratories, each represented within the facility’s logo, BRIC will include an MRI suite with the?most advanced?3-Tesla?scanner?in the region. It will critically advance our enquiry?toward the most advanced brain research, improved radiological diagnostics and better patient care.

The partnership of University of Plymouth, University Hospitals Plymouth NHS Trust and DDRC Healthcare is central to our wider aims of delivering rapid improvements to health and wellbeing in the region and beyond, supporting commercial development and integrating research into education at the highest levels.

  • Construction started: April 2019
  • BRIC opens: Spring 2020
  • Teaching starts: September 2020


Resources for research funding

The funding resource page has resources and links to help with finding funding opportunities, completing, and submitting funding applications. Custom searches for funding opportunities have been created on an Institute Research Professional page and there are also links to University managed advice and information.

Page sections:

  • Online funding database 'Research Professional'.
  • Information on University procedures.
  • University related data frequently required by funders.